Parts of the body suitable for injection

All anabolic steroids are oil-or water-based intended for intramuscular injection. This means that the needle must pass through the skin, subcutaneous tissue and enter into the muscle. Parts of the body, which usually inject are: buttocks, lateral thigh and the deltoid muscle arms. Because of the large number of muscle fibers and extensive area of connective tissue membranes (this type of connective tissue covers the muscles and separates them from each other), the drug has an excellent opportunity for rapid spread in the tissues. Ideally, intramuscular injections should be carried deep into the muscle injecting in an area where there are no major nerves and blood vessels.

The best site for steroid injection is the upper outer quarter of the buttock. Scallop ilium may serve as a guide for this part of the buttocks. In the adult it is usually from 2 to 3 inches below the crest of the bone. Scallop ilium - the upper part of the pelvic girdle with its back side. You can easily find it over the middle gluteal muscle. The upper outer quarter of the buttocks is the best choice, because this area is sufficiently massive muscles and contains a small amount of nerve endings. Ability to infusion of the drug in a blood vessel is very small. A shot at this site reduces the likelihood of touching the sciatic nerve passing through the lower and middle sections of gluteus muscle. This nerve controls the work of the whole foot, including the femur and tibia. If an injection is too close to this nerve or the needle touches it, then there is a severe pain and temporary paralysis that occurs in the body.

What to use for injection

It is very important to find a suitable syringe for steroid injections. The most suitable syringe for administration of steroids - an instrument with a 22 gauge needle 4.8 cm or 24-gauge needle with 2.5 cm, capacity - 4 cc. Syringes with needles of such length are suitable for intramuscular injection: the needle is deep enough. Shorter needle is too shallow to penetrate the body, and sometimes part of the drug gets into the subcutaneous region. It causes swelling between the skin and muscle, and slows down the absorption of the drug. When it comes to the caliber of the syringe, meaning the inside diameter of the needle. The smaller the gauge, the larger the diameter. Syringes 22 and 24 gauge are the best option. For steroid injections are not suitable insulin needles: they are too small.

Manipulations performed by injection

First, before you take up a vial and syringe, you need to take a cold shower. Then swab dipped in alcohol, you should wipe the place where you'll do a shot. Another alcohol swab should be wiped the rubber stopper through which pass the needle for taking the drug. Then take a disposable syringe, remove from needle the plastic tip, type of air into the syringe, and insert the needle into the vial. Squeeze out the air inside the vial: it will create the necessary high pressure inside and allow the easy fence of the oil-based product. Then turn the vial upside down and slowly enter the drug into a syringe with a bust in about 1/4 cc. Then tap your finger on the syringe barrel so that all air bubbles that were sucked inside, gathered at the top. Now squeeze the excess amount of the drug back into the vial and remove the needle from the stopper. After that, holding the syringe needle upwards, again tap the cylinder, all remaining bubbles will float upward. At this stage, take another syringe, remove the needle and put it this new needle on your syringe filled with medication, instead of needle you pierced the stopper. Using two needles for every injection you will provide a perfect sharp needle. Now, again wipe with alcohol the injection place, then press the plunger so as to squeeze out of him the last bubble.

Now after all the preparatory operations, take a syringe in hand, like a dart for throwing. With the other hand, stretch the skin at the place chosen for the injection, and insert the needle into the muscle abruptly. After introducing the needle into the muscle, pull the plunger slightly, to make sure that the cylinder is not drawn with blood. Making sure that blood does not flow into the cylinder (which means that the needle is properly and hasn't touched the vessel), begin to slowly push the plunger. Once all the oil solution turns out to be extruded from a syringe, quickly pull the needle out of the body, take another swab with alcohol, and firmly press them on the spot. First, it will stop bleeding if such appear, and in addition, a strong pressing the spot and a easy massaging will reduce the sensation of pain. It is important, the drug not to be administered too fast: fast injection carries much more pain in the moment of injection, and on subsequent days may remain pain.

After the procedure, put the plastic caps on the needles, the used syringe and needle discard, and do not use them again.

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