Prohormone Cycle

So you have decided to embark upon your very first adventure known as a prohormone cycle! Without a doubt, you are going to enjoy the results that you are about to see. A prohormone cycle is very similar to a steroid cycle. You can't run it as long, and it's going to be a lot more intense, but in the end you're probably going to see some serious muscle and strength gain, coupled with some fat loss, without the detriment of too much harm to your body.

Standard steroid cycles can last up to 16 weeks, depending upon the intensity of compounds you are running. A simple cycle of 400 mg of Testosterone Cypionate could be run for up to four months, if needed. Your liver probably wouldn't experience too much stress from such a low dose. Granted, if you decided to add 200 mg per week of Deca to your stack, it would suddenly become necessary to limit it to 10 to 12 weeks. The more compounds you added, the more intense the cycle would become – and thus the more negative the side effects. Prohormones, as you may know, are some seriously intense compounds. Many have been banned because, well, they're just too powerful for some users who tend to use them for too long. If you are ready to run a prohormone cycle, then you are going to want to keep it limited to 6 to 8 weeks at a time, depending upon the instructions that come with the compound. Ideally, you will also want to have a doctor check your blood levels to ensure your liver enzymes don't jump in too significant of a manner during this stretch as well. Staying on a prohormone cycle too long might feel good at first, but the negative changes you'll see in the long run certainly won't be worth it.

As mentioned, prohormone cycles are very intense. Be prepared for this. Give your body a break before and after running each cycle. If you are sick or recovering from a serious illness, hold off on the cycle until you feel you are ready. There is nothing wrong with putting off a prohormone cycle. The gains will always be there when you're ready.

Following each cycle of 6 to 8 weeks, give your body a break of 8 to 10 weeks to fully recover from the cycle you just subjected it to. We aren't machines. We are living beings who are very fragile when it comes to exposing our internal organs to stressful compounds. Don't risk your health by running prohormone cycles too often.

Obtaining compounds
Choose a prohormone supplement that will be readily available should you like it, and wish to return to using it down the road. Many supplements are offered by new companies which quickly fail, or the supplement themselves are quickly banned. Instead, choose a supplement such as Mesobolin, Oral Testibol, or others that have been around for years, delivering solid results to users.

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