Zerox Pharmaceuticals Primorox 10ml
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Primorox 10ml

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Manufacturer: Zerox Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Methenolone Enanthate
Pack: 10 ml vial (100 mg/ml)

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Primorox 10ml Detailed

Zerox Pharmaceuticals Primorox 10ml

Primobolan injectable is very similar to Primobolan tabs. However, there are still several differences between these two. The difference that is not immediately evident is that the tablets contain the acetate form of methenolone, and the injection contain the enanthate form. To most athletes, enanthate seems to be just a longer acting form of Primobolan. True, but this explanation alone is not enough. Injectable Primobolan should be injected once a week due to its long acting effect, while the tablets should be taken daily. Beginners in steroid cycles at a dose of 200 mg per week can achieve good results and within 8 weeks they can gain 6-7 kg without fear that the gain achieved will be lost after stopping the drug.

Zerox Primorox is a good basic steroid with a predominantly anabolic effect, but weaker in the action as Deca Durabolin. It can, depending on the purpose, be effectively combined with almost all steroids. Those who want to gain "mass" quickly can take Primobolan with Sustanon 250 and Dianabol. For those who have more patience or are afraid of potential liver damage, a combination of Primobolan 200 mg per week and Deca Durabolin 200-400 mg per week is suitable. Primobolan injectable is best combined with injectable Winstrol 150-300 mg per week.

200-400mg per week is the usual generally accepted dosage of Primobolan, although there are athletes who use a 100mg ampoule daily. Injectable Primobolan, like the oral acetate form, does not convert to estrogens, but causes slight water retention, so tablets are usually preferred in preparation for competitions.

Side effects are minimal and appear only in particularly sensitive people in the form of small acne, a decrease in the timbre of the voice and increased hair growth. Injectable Primobolan has even less effect on liver function than the oral form. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels remain within the normal range, as with Primobolan tablets.

In general, the Primobolan is the most reliable injectable among all steroids. Athletes whose liver values increase greatly when taking anabolic steroids, but who do not want to stop using them, can try a combination of Primobolan, Deca Durabolin and Andriol with regular monitoring of the liver.

Injectable Primobolan, like tablets, has a very slight effect on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles axis. The own production of testosterone is reduced only at very high doses and long-term use of the drug.

Women prefer the tablet form, and yet there are female bodybuilders who inject 100-200 mg or more of Primorox per week. 100 mg of Primobolan per week in combination with 50 mg of Winstrol injectable per week has been observed to work well for many women, and masculinization is rarely observed. You should only pay attention to the fact that between these injections there should be an interval of 3-4 days, in order to avoid an unwanted accumulation of androgens in the body.

Primobolan is often used at a dose of 100mg per week to overcome a steroid pause - but this is a bad idea. The continuous use of anabolic steroids negatively affects the body's own production of testosterone and prevents the body from normalizing this function. Although such a low dose as 100 mg of Primobolan or 50 mg of Deca Durabolin per week is not toxic and often has no side effects, the benefit from it is very small.

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