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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Pharmaceutical name: Methandienone
Pack: 100 tabs (50 mg/tab)

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Dianabol 50 Detailed

Dragon Pharma Dianabol 50

Methandienone is also known as Dianabol or Dbol.

In its chemical structure, Dianabol is similar to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone, as a result of which Dianabol has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect, which manifests itself in a significant increase in strength and muscle mass. Methandienone is fast and reliable. The average increase of one to 2 kilograms per week in the first 6 weeks is the norm. Gained body weight is a result of an actual increase in muscle tissue, and a noticeable water retention.

The ideal daily dose for athletes is between 15-50 mg. Every athlete is different so the dosage should be adjusted. For newcomers to steroids, it is important to not exceed 15-20 mg per day. If they do so, they will achieve remarkable results within 8-10 weeks. If the drug's effect on athletes in this group decreases after eight weeks, then the athlete should not increase his dosage. It is better if you take another injectable steroid, like Primobolan 200mg a week or Durabolin 200m a week. Testosterone at this stage is not recommended. A combination of Methandienone 20-30mg per day and Deca Durabolin 200-400mg per week is a great option for impatient middle-level athletes. For those who are interested in strength and then building muscle mass, Methandienone can be combined with Oxandrolone or Winstrol (in tablets).

Professionals, advanced athletes and those who weigh over 100 kg need a dose not exceeding 50 mg per day. There is absolutely no need to exceed this dosage. The simultaneous use of Dianabol and Anadrol is an even worse idea, because these two drugs are too similar in their effects.

Dbol isn't recommended for use in preparation for competitions. Many athletes experience severe water retention and it can make it difficult for them to lose weight.

Dianabol 10-20mg daily is sufficient to achieve notable results for women. Bodybuilders who don't feel sensitive to the additional androgens and are not afraid about the side effects, such as masculinization, can use 20-40mg per daily for a maximum period of 4-6 weeks. Higher dosages and a longer time of taking the drug bring great results, but make noticeable the presence of androgens in the female body. More than 10-20 mg of Dbol per day and 50-100 mg of Deca Durabolin per week for more than 4-6 weeks should not be taken by a woman who appreciates her femininity.

Methandienone is only active for 3-5 hours and must be taken at least twice a day to achieve a sufficient concentration of the active substance in the blood. Dianabol has a 17-alpha methyl radical and should be taken under the tongue to minimize the risk of possible liver problems.

On the third day after the end of taking Dianabol, the presence of its active chemical substance, methandienone in the blood is negative, according to the results of the tests. This means that the effect of the tablets has passed. However, a competitor subject to a doping test should only rely on a negative urine sample. Methandienone decay products in the urine last longer.

Dianabol has many potential side effects, and they are rare at dosages up to 20mg per day. The liver is the main concern when Dianabol is taken in high doses. It can become toxic if the drug is used for a prolonged period. However, even at a dosage of only 10 mg per day, the drug can increase liver secretion, which returns to normal upon discontinuation. Dbol rapidly increases weight due to a strong accumulation of water in the body. An increase in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate can also be possible. It is therefore necessary to take an antihypertensive. Methandienone can also cause gynecomastia, which is why it may be necessary to take additional doses of Proviron and Nolvadex.

Dianabol, despite all its potential problems, is a "feel good anabolic" that increases mood and appetite. This, along with the results achieved, can lead to psychological enlightenment as well as increased self-esteem.

Dragon Pharma Dianabol

Dianabol 50 Reviews
Oct 23, 2021 (06:54)

Best dbol i have used

May 31, 2021 (09:36)

Worked great with great gains!

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