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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma
Pharmaceutical name : Oxymetholone
Pack : 100 tabs (50 mg/tab)

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Oxymetholon Detailed

Active Life: Less than 16 hours
Average Dose: Men 50-150 mg/day
Water Retention: Yes, high
Liver Toxic: Yes, very high
Aromatization: Debatable

Oxymetholon by Dragon Pharma

In medicine Oxymetholone was developed and used to help people with anemia and other diseases where weight loss was a concern. This compound is very effective for increasing appetite, gaining weight and strength, also it is increasing red blood cells count. Because of its effects, it is very popular nowadays in bodybuilding and other sports. Dragon Pharma has made its own Oxymetholone drug that is called Oxymetholon. Its strength is 50 mg per tablet and it is sold by 50 tablets in Dragon Pharma original pack.
This steroid is very popular among bodybuilders and strength athletes, because it can be an alternative for D-bol. Oxymetholon offers the same results as D-bol, some times greater, but with fewer side effects. Usually, athletes report gains in mass up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks that are not uncommon for this steroid.

Oxymetholon HOW DOES IT WORKS?

Why Oxymetholone is showing such good effects? This is the most asked question, but the answer is very simple. Because it increases the number of red bloods cells that allows the muscles to absorb more oxygen. To explain that, I will give you an example, the athlete can feel great power and strength even after several sets. The intake of Oxymetholon usually gives a fantastic and satisfying sensation, also it stimulates the body to regenerate faster. Only after few hours after a hard training, you can feel that you are ready now for more.
It is advised that the daily dosage of Oxymetholon should be in range of 0.5 – 0.8 mg per body weight. Also it is advised for those who like to take this steroid for the first time to limit the dosage to 50 mg per day and only after a week the dosage can be increased to 100 mg per day.
It is important to know that after discontinuing Oxymetholone, in a short period of time drastic reduction takes place and the user looks like before taking this steroid, that's why it is need to continue the cycle with injectable steroids like testosterone or Sustanon for several weeks.

Oxymetholon SIDE EFFECTS:

Unfortunately, Oxymetholon is at the same time the most harmful oral steroid, it is very toxic to liver because it is 17-alpha-alkylated. Also this steroid easily converts into estrogen, causes signs of feminization and water retention. That's why it is required to take anti estrogens and diuretics.

Oxymetholon Reviews
Jun 27, 2023 (07:03)

I gained some weight. It is obvious that anadrol causes water retention, but I was still very pleased with my gains.
The effects of 100mg per day are very strong and solid.

Sep 12, 2022 (19:33)

I’ve taken A-Bombs (we used to call them) over several cycles over several years. This drug is the best of the best oral steroid. It is the big brother to D-Bol. Massive gains, with massive strength in short time. Diet and “shelf-breaking” workouts are essential to gains. Push hard, and get hard results. I was always an IP man, but I have taken Kalpa and same results. The RS Team is 150% Legit! If they sell it, it’s real All-The-Way! So whatever is on their list- it’s the best. I just purchased the line of All Dragon Pharma tabs. I will report back. But bc Kalpa is amazing, I expect the same or better from DP. I ordered the amazing old time stack of Anavar & Anadrol. I will report back in a month to tell how amazing the results are.
Younger Guys: I was just like you. Took my first cycle of Deca and EQ when I was 17yrs. I found Anadrol when I was 22yrs. From 17 to 22, all cycles were about the same. You know, when your young it’s hard to gain weight. This is life, Except with Anadrol. I couldn’t break passed 185lbs no matter diet, workouts (tried them all), and steroid. 2 wks on A-Bombs and I was 15% fat, and 215lbs solid rock muscle. I actually got more lean (cause I was eating a ton to try and gain), and proportionately massive on this drug. I held a little water weight but it looks good, not bloated. I was strong and fast. And it’s true, you can workout for 3hrs, and do the same workout all over again! It’s magical.
Best way to keep gains is to fade down off it slowly, and phase up with a strong injectable test. Workouts will get a little harder but push yourself and do it! Mind over matter! Then phase the injectable test out and hit Clomid and HCG hard. Ride Anavar out after all Test are done, and push push push in the gym. And gain losses will be minimal. But you must push hard. Don’t let your motivation to workout be drug-driven. Get the weigh! Get the next rep. Go for one more set! PUSH! I HATE guys who are only “tough” (under weight) only when they got strong test! If you have the Marine in you, find him- BEFORE- you take Anadrol. Then you can stay big without it! It’s mental- but A-Bombs will take you to the next level, especially when your young and haven’t got that heavy weight before! (405lb is possible! Get to 275, then 315, then 365… then wait 7 days, and get it! 405 for (4) reps! Go for it!!)

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