Genetic Pharmaceuticals Anastrozole Genetic

Anastrozole Genetic

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Manufacturer: Genetic Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Anastrozole
Pack: 50 tabs (1 mg/tab)

Anastrozole Genetic Detailed

Genetic Pharmaceuticals Anastrozole

Arimidex is the most powerful synthetic anti-aromatase drug. In fact, for men, it may be too powerful! For post-menopausal women with low estrogen levels and those with breast cancer, it is almost perfect: 1 mg per day removes all traces of estrogen in just a few days. The half-life of the drug is from 30 to 60 hours. Due to its high activity, Arimidex can cause side effects even at doses of 1 mg/day. In many cases, an effective dose for increasing testosterone levels is a quarter tablet every 1-2 days. Arimidex is the most beneficial and effective of all estrogens. Properly selected dosages allow you to increase testosterone levels in men without reducing libido. It's not very good for women because it doesn't work on the ovaries and they still produce large amounts of their own estrogen. But for increasing testosterone levels in men, Arimidex is just fine.

POSSIBLE PROBLEMS. Remember: when trying to remove estrogens, you must clearly know what you want to achieve! Without estrogen (due to powerful anti-aromatase drugs), you are likely to become impotent, risk heart disease (due to low levels of "good" cholesterol), become stupid (estrogens in the brain improve intelligence), and, among other things, acquire a predisposition to osteoporosis.
The health problems faced by bodybuilders trying to raise their natural testosterone levels with various anti-estrogens is that hardly any of them do the blood tests needed to track their cholesterol levels. Remember: some amounts of estrogen are necessary for the male body.

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